Library Testimonials


"I really like coming here because I love to read and because you have the best books!!!"

- Chaya


The library is the best place for my kids. I consider it like my second home.

- Mrs Gershovitz


The library gives me a warm loving feeling, it's as if I'm back home. Walking through the doors of the library on a busy day, seeing the friendly, smiling staff makes me feel happy. The change from my hectic life to some quiet time to read, or a chance to take classes to learn and grow is an amazing opportunity for me. My children enjoy coming to the library as well to join in the great programs you offer. Thank you for being their for our community!!

- Devorah Leah Salek


The LYL is a warm and welcoming place. The staff are kind and considerate, caring and attentive.

Coming down to the library puts me in a bit of a surreal place. 

Being able to bring my children to a kosher environment to instill the love of Torah in their hearts is why I feel the LYL is invaluable

resource to our community.

- Liba Hecht


I like coming to the library because I like reading books here and finding out new things. There are a lot of books here that are in Yiddish which are easier for me to read. There is a nice couch to sit on and it is usually very quiet.

- Nachman


The Levi Yitzchok Library is a great source of quality books for the whole family. Toddlers, children, teens and adults can only benefit from this great kosher resource.

- Crown Heights Resident


It's fun to read! I find a lot of books that are interesting!

- A Happy Child


The library is a very important asset to the community. It gives the kids a chance to entertain themselves with Jewish things, something important for our youth.

- Anonymous


I enjoy coming the the library with my children on a steady basis. The quiet atmosphere, surrounded by such a large variety of Jewish books is really a great experience. 

- Mom


First of all, its a pleasure to come here because it gives me the privilege to sit down and read a book, and I like your books!

​- Mendel


It's really nice to have a library in Crown Heights. I personally love reading so it's great! Thanks so much! 

- Menucha

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